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Who can help me?

After deciding to breastfeed, it is helpful to have support from family and friends. Although fathers cannot experience the intimate feeling of breastfeeding, they can share many other special, personal moments with their infants. Older siblings can also help by holding the baby, changing diapers, and playing with him.

Before your baby is born, learn as much as you can about breastfeeding. Read, watch videos, and talk to other women who have breastfed. Take a breastfeeding class; many hospitals and health organizations offer them. The following are other helpful sources of information:

  • Your obstetrician and pediatrician
  • Prenatal instructors and lactation consultants at your local hospital
  • La Leche League International, a worldwide organization dedicated to helping families learn about breastfeeding

Before your baby is born, talk to your doctor about your plans to breastfeed. It is best to start breastfeeding within the first hour after birth, if possible. Also, while you are in the hospital you and your baby should remain together as much as possible. "Rooming-in" with your baby during your hospital stay has been shown to help make breastfeeding more successful.

Talk to your obstetrician and pediatrician to make sure any medications that you are taking will not harm your baby when they pass through your milk. Most medications are not a cause for concern.

For More Help


Nursing Mothers’ Council (650-599-3669)

La Leche League International (800-LA-LECHE)

International Lactation Consultants Association lists of members in your area (919-787-5181)

Medela (800-TELL-YOU)

Advent (800-542-83-68)

So That’s What They’re For By Janet Tamaro

Breastfeeding By Mary Renfrew

Nursing Mother, Working Mother By Shella Kitzinger

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding By La Leche League

The people at Breastfeeding101 are not medical professionals. We are moms here to show support. Please consult your physician or LC for any medical questions you might have.