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Nursing Prayer
Nursing Prayer
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Nursing Prayer



     I know that I want to nurse my baby, yet I'm sometimes filled with questions and anxiety when I think about it. What if it doesn't come easy for me? What if we can't figure it out? What if my baby struggles?

     I've seen moms nursing without a care in the world. They act like nothing unusual is happening. They can talk on the phone, read a book, or carry on a conversation. Some moms can nurse and no one notices. Restaurants and church, all no big deal. I'd love to be one of those moms, but somehow I know I'll be different. I imagine every feeding will be an event. Maybe I won't leave the house for a while, until I get the "modest drape thing" mastered. I'm just not ready to involve the whole world in something so intimate.

     My prayer is that You will help me. I don't want to get frustrated and quit. Let this new baby know exactly what to do. Protect us from infections and other complications. Please let me be surprised at how good I can do. Give me patience to nurse on demand. Let nursing be a peaceful bonding time. Block out the world and help me to focus on loving my baby well.

      Lord, You created this. You know how it's supposed to work. I know that You can make nursing come "naturally" for me. I will trust You and look forward to mothering as You planned. I'm a little unsure, but still ready. By Your design, I will believe I can do it. In the name of Jesus.


"For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breast." - Isaiah 66:11
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