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Try Breastfeeding!


You may already know that breast milk is best for your baby. Yet you may wonder if breastfeeding is a good choice for you. Many mothers love to breastfeed. And you might too! The only way to know is to try it for yourself.

Once you learn what it's like, you can decide how long you want to continue. If you breastfeed first, you can always switch to formula later. But if you start with formula and have problems, changing to breastfeeding can be very hard.

Breastfeeding won't disrupt daily life.

When you breastfeed you can be flexible:

  • Some mothers breastfeed for a few weeks or months. Other breastfeed for a year or more.
  • Some mothers only feed their babies from the breast. Others also offer their own milk by bottle. That way other people can feed the baby with mom's milk too!
  • Some mothers feed their babies both breast milk and formula.

The choice is yours. Try breastfeeding. The first step is getting off to a good start. Ask a nurse or breastfeeding expert to show you how. It could be great for you and your baby.


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The people at Breastfeeding101 are not medical professionals. We are moms here to show support. Please consult your physician or LC for any medical questions you might have.